Record Made: Celebration is right in Choice’s Community

A great result is the bride price of value creation. If value is created, excellent results will be a norm. — Thus, Choice has proven it right. Over the past few days, Choice has been breaking records and setting new ones. Let’s be grateful to the Algorand foundation who make us happy by giving us the opportunity to showcase what we have to offer to the ecosystem. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. The success of Choice is the joy of Algorand. However, as we express our gratitude to Algorand, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not only to the Choice Founder, Co-Founder, Captains and Leaders but to every community member at large.

The Price of $Choice set new ATH

$Choice price went up and created new ATH (All-Time-High) upon new ATH last week. It was amazing as the growth went beyond people’s expectations. As of Dec. 16th 2021, the price of $Choice was between $0.059 and $0.061. Reaching the goal of 1 cent seems like it wouldn’t be achieved soonest, but it was attained and even a new record was made.

On Dec. 17th 2021, $Choice created a new ATH at $0.1026 and ended the day at $0.13. We thought there will be a huge pullback the same day, but the price went ahead and set a new record at $0.25 on Dec. 18th 2021. This is a phenomenon record and should be remembered by all.

The current resistance level for $Choice price is around $0.25 and found support at $0.15. Now is no time to think of what the price could be next, but think of what we can do to keep creating excellent results.

Choice New Twitter Identity

Officially, Choice Coin got a new Twitter Identity. — The new Choice Twitter Identity is @ChoiceCoinDAO. You can visit the page for useful information. However, I cannot talk about the new Twitter Identity without mentioning the new numbers of Twitter followers attained within two days. @ChoiceCoinDAO Twitter followers skyrocketed from 8k to 20.6k within the 17th and 18th of December 2021. This is another great achievement of Choice last week.

Choice Liquidity Program

The liquidity awards program has now ended and rewards will begin to be distributed in February, 3 months after the program started.

New Development to Be Expected

Logo Contest: There will be a logo contest soon. Everyone will be given an equal chance to submit a redesign of the Choice Coin logo. However, the new logo will be voted upon by the community and be implemented in early 2022. The winner and top 3 finishers will be rewarded in $Choice.

Website: The choice website is set to be redesigned in the upcoming weeks after Vote 0 for the DAO takes place.

White-paper: Choice is planning to release a V2 of the white paper in Q2 of 2022.

All the programs above will be developed through open-source initiatives as always.

Do you want to earn $Choice?

You can earn more $Choice by staking. — Buy Choice from Tinyman and stake it on Yieldy pool. Also, the first DAO will be out in a few days. You can vote and earn sweet rewards.

You can follow the $Choice price on Choice’s discord price-bot or on Tinychart.

Useful Links:

Link to Buy $Choice:

Learn how to staking:

Discord Link:

Stay with us on this page to get complete details on Algorand and Choice Coin industry events. Welcome to the revolutionary world of open-source, decentralized governance.



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