Her Tech Choice: Free Bootcamp to Learn and Earn

Her Tech choice powered by choice coin and Algorand

Her Tech Choice is an online virtual Bootcamp for only females from all parts of the world, irrespective of their age. The program is for all upcoming female developers and those that are keen to learn about website development. Her Tech Choice (HTC) is actively powered by $Choice and $Algo, and it is on a mission to help connect different people with similar values from different parts of the world.

Her Tech Choice has been specifically found with the vision to empower 200 participants (strictly beginners with little or no knowledge of coding) with a variety of software/website development skills ranging from UI/UX design, frontend development and backend development over the course of 6-weeks. Upon entry for the Bootcamp, participants are welcomed to get the following:

  • Provision of resources and after-learning guidelines to set participants in the right path to kickstart their tech career.
  • Access to patient and competent mentors to guide all participants through the learning process.
  • Hands on learning and rewarding platform, all you need is a good network and your laptop.
  • Incentives are to be disbursed to participants per task delivered.
  • Winning teams are also granted rewards for successful collaborations.

Here are some useful links where you can find more information about the program:




https://twitter.com/HerTechChoice/status/1483777867758583810?t=04qeeCKfM_KMjAXR7fVvJw&s=1 9 Medium:. https://link.medium.com/VrdMpd9g0mb




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