Choice Coin Events Summary: What to Know on Choice Coin Weeks ago and Now!

Choice Coin, the number Algorand Standard Asset, has been progressively realizing her goal of giving the community the power to enable decentralization of decisions in organizations. Over the past few weeks, many participation programs were done which creatively influenced the price of its token. The project allows the community members to freely come up with various participation programs that can significantly contribute to the development of the project — however, thanks to the discord leaders and captains that coordinated the events to prevent clutter. — Thus, orderliness promotes friendliness among the community and makes things easy and possible.

A Google Form was created to harness proposals from the community. The community at large engaged with the activity and a lot of proposals were submitted by the community members to carry out different programs powered by Choice Coin. Nevertheless, decisions were still made by analyzing and voting for relevant projects to be awarded. This is a good example of an open-source project that Choice Coin seeks to build in decentralized governance.

Choice Coin Events

Below are the details of some of the past and ongoing community events today.

Female Development Program

This is one of the ongoing Choice programs at the moment. The community engagement program is called “Choice Grants for Women”. — As the name implies, it is open to all women. The task is to build a functional frontend integration with the Algo JavaScript-SDK and AlgoSigner or the Algorand Mobile wallet. Choice reviews all eligible submissions. However, specific criteria and functionality need to be met to be eligible for the award. If the criteria were 80% satisfied, the Bronze badge would be awarded, and if all were met, Silver Badge would be given. You can check Choice Github for more details.

Choice 2nd Choice-Choice Pool Launched on Yieldy.

This is the good news that has been dramatically influencing the price of $Choice, because everybody wants to buy, stake and earn more. You can now stake $Choice to get $Choice on Yiedly platform. Choice coin is providing the largest open-source Algorand Standard Asset to date. — This event is currently ongoing.

Liquidity Program

We’re glad to announce the liquidity program’s success, which genuinely gives Choice more exposure in the past months. — Thus, the program ends this week. You have the last chance to add liquidity and earn a reward. In the program, you add liquidity for Choice Coin with either Algo or any of the top 10 ASAs on, and if you keep the pool token for three consecutive months, you will receive half the amount you provided in $Choice. If you contribute 30k in Choice and an equal amount of other assets, you will receive an additional 30k in $Choice.

Hackathon Program

Choice conducted its first Nigerian Open Choice Hackathon for all Nigerian students a few weeks ago. –The program has ended.

Social Media Community Tasks

Various social media programs are also ongoing in the Discord server. — Thus, this is why you need to be part of the discord community and be active to participate in the engagement programs to earn choice. Check the reference link below this article to join Choice Discord server.

What to Expect from Choice Soonest?

The team behind Choice Coin has been tirelessly working on giving the community the very best they deserve and delivering as promised. Below is the highlight of the things to expect.

- Choice Coin voting application will be live later this month. The first Choice Coin DAO vote opens on Monday, December 27th, 2021, at 5:00PM EST. This will allow holders of Choice Coin to vote on issues within the Choice coin DAO. Expect sweet rewards. You can get the details here:

- Choice Coin is pushing to get listed on OkCoin and MEXC Exchange: You can Check the Discord Server and @FortiorB Twitter for details

Reference Links:


Discord link:


Choice Twitter:

Staking Platform:

Stay with us on this page to get complete details on Algorand and Choice Coin industry events. Welcome to the revolutionary world of open-source, decentralized governance.



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