Algostake Technology: $Choice Staking and Partnership Advantages

It is best to be on the right way and go in the right direction to get the best of it when it comes to digital assets. Knowing the utility of the asset you’re holding gives control over the direction to face and take all the opportunities associated with it. Choice Coin DAO always gives options to its community holding the asset to unlock the best vaults to more wealth and freedom.

It is fascinating to open more vaults of wealth and freedom with the Choice Coin and Algostake partnership. You can now earn more $Choice via staking or providing liquidity on algostake platform; this gives you the chance to have more $Choice for voting during the next vote. However, here is a step-by-step guide to stake $Choice, provide liquidity on Tinyman, and stake your LP token on Algostake.

Step 1: Visit Algostake website

Go to and click connect.

Step 2: Click on Stake

Make sure you have up to 10,000 $choice to earn from the pool. If you don’t have up to 10,000 $Choice this is the right time to buy as the coin price is still relatively low.

Step 4: Click stake to start Earning

You don’t need to transfer $Choice out of your wallet to start earning.

Step 5. Claim Daily.

Ensure that you check every 24hours to claim your rewards.

LP token staking.

For the second pool (STKE-Choice), you need first to provide liquidity on and then come to to stake the LP token that will appear in your wallet using the same steps above.

To learn about how to provide liquidity on Tinyman, here is a Youtube link:

All you have to do is ensure that you opt-in and select $STKE and $Choice ASA.

Advantages of Algostake Partnership

Below are some of the major advantages of Choice Coin DAO and Algostake Partnership

Enhance Value of $Choice:

The partnership between Choice and Algostake is absolutely sensational. This is one of the best deals for choice. $Choice first staking pool on Alsostake started on the 29th of January, from that moment till now $Choice’s price has experienced an upward movement. Though the pool is still at the early stage, it is sure that it will continue to positively influence $Choice’s value over time.

Anti-Dump Technique (The holding)

The partnership will bring people closer to choice and prevent dumping. Realizing the fact that you can open more vault of wealth with staking brings your attention to choice and encourage you to hold. Choice Coin DAO’s team did a phenomenal job when it comes to incentivizing the community with the back to back partnerships and programs. You don’t need to dump to earn, and if you add liquidity, your ratio changes and you increase your assets with the LP token. It is a piece of good advice to hold and increase your $Choice to open more opportunities.

Gives Opportunity to Open Vault of Wealth

As we have been saying digital asset is a key to an open vault of opportunity, this partnership with Algostake gives opportunity to the community members to generate more wealth and freedom. The partnership simply supports every $Choice holder to earn more with fewer efforts.

Using the Best Staking Software on Algoround

Algostake, the Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator is the new substitute for Yiedly when it comes to staking in the Algorand blockchain. The technology allows any ASA owner to set up staking at the desired APY for their ASA. When it comes to staking in Algostake, you have total control of your assets right in your wallet. You can read more about Algostake.

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